In the 1950’s and 60’s a series of public safety films for children was shown in schools. Their purpose was to show children the hidden dangers in daily life. One such film included a segment on running with scissors. Danger! Don’t do it!

As a parent I have used the phrase running with scissors as a caution to my children. As they were leaving for school I would shout out to them … “Don’t run with scissors!” If they went swimming at the community pool, even under my watchful eye, I would remind them … “Don’t run with scissors!” It was and is my reminder that they should be careful. Even today, I end my phone calls with them with the phrase that has become part of our personal and loving lexicon.

California’s excellent gun laws will soon be under attack by not just the usual suspects — the NRA, the Second Amendment Foundation, Gun Owners of America — but by our Country’s very leadership, leadership that has pledged to “have the NRA’s back.”

On Tuesday, January 10, the California State Assembly’s Special Committee on the Office of Attorney General will meet to consider Governor Brown’s nominee, Congressman Xavier Becerra, to fill the position of Attorney General left vacant by now Senator Kamala Harris. Congressman Becerra has a strong record on gun violence prevention but in today’s climate the position of California’s Attorney General comes with additional and critical challenges. Our Attorney General will need to join with like-minded Attorney Generals of other states to defend against the most certain attack by Congress on our public safety policies.

The members of the Special Committee need to hear from you! They need to hear how important the defense of our gun safety regulations is for our families and our communities. The Committee must ask Congressman Becerra about his willingness to enthusiastically engage in protecting the policies and laws that have given us one of the lowest rates of gun deaths in our nation! In other words … will Congressman Becerra be willing to Run With Scissors?

Please reach out to one or more of the Committee Members today. You can find their information here. The Member(s) you contact do not have to be from your district for you to share your concern. Let them know:
The new Attorney General must be willing to take whatever steps are required to defend the gun safety laws that have helped keep California safe!

Now is the time for all of us to Run With Scissors!

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Margot Bennett
Margot BennettExecutive Director,
Women Against Gun Violence