Occasionally I use Facebook to find out what my sons are doing. We’re not Facebook friends because, as we all know, there has to be some separation from our kids. But sometimes, now that I’m an empty nester and when I’m missing them, I’ll go in to see what they’re up to — what they allow everyone to see – not just their “friends.”

A post I discovered recently on my son’s public page both filled my heart with love and frightened me by the burden of responsibility. Here it is:

Not today, Satan.
Not on mama’s watch. Let’s go!

That’s me, holding my completed sample ballot waiting to vote at the polls in November. The line wrapped around the block. I’m actually waiting in the alley behind the polling location. I love going to the polls to vote but I don’t have much time to waste so I bring a completed sample ballot so I can vote quickly. And, I’ve always brought my children with me. This past November, when this picture was taken, my oldest son was in town and came with me as I voted.

The sentiment in his caption, that I can keep Satan at bay, is an awesome responsibility. I know that my eldest didn’t mean “Satan” as in the “devil.” I know he meant that as long as I am around, under my watch, he and his world are safe. That’s what children expect of their parents. That’s what we expect of ourselves.

As I watch our current Federal Government working to undermine our gun safety laws I can’t help but ask myself…

Did I do enough to explain that #gunsense at the voting booth is critical to ensure the safety of our families and communities?

Did I talk about gun violence enough and reach enough people so that the issue of #gunsense is near the top of the to-do list – maybe just after the laundry and grocery shopping but before cleaning the bathroom and certainly before putting the trash cans on the curb.

We are all so busy but we can’t be – must not be — too busy to keep our children, our neighbors, and our communities safe from gun violence! While we are living our lives, when we are out there protesting all that there is to protest, we must make time and include in our protests the horrors of gun violence. We must protest and then we must advocate for #gunsense.


Tomorrow, Tuesday, the Senate will be voting to weaken background checks by allowing those with diagnosed severe mental illness to purchase guns.

Please call your Senators today! Tell them to Vote NO On SJ Resolution 14!

Need help with what to say to your Senator?
Hi, My name is XXX. I live in your state and am a supporter of gun laws that keep my family and community safe! Please, do not undermine our background check system! Vote NO on SJ Resolution 14 and keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill.

After you’ve made your calls, please share this with your family and friends!

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Margot Bennett
Margot BennettExecutive Director,
Women Against Gun Violence