When Congress Cares More About Hunters Than Our Children, WE MUST ACT!

My view of hunting was shaped by Disney’s animated film Bambi. I suspect that I’m not the only one who both as a child and as an adult cried over the death of Bambi’s mother by a hunter’s bullet. So, hunting? Not for me.

I don’t know many hunters but I’m told that most hunt responsibly. They hunt for food and eat what they kill. They don’t use military style weapons that tear apart the animal. They don’t hunt by helicopters and small aircraft (like a former Governor of Alaska.)

I’m told many are conservationists. They don’t kill endangered species. Most are not like the dentist that killed a protected lion. Most are not like the sons of a world leader who hunt for trophy and pose by the dead bodies.

Most do not leave their hunting guns loaded and not secured in their home so that a young child, like the one in Kentucky, picks it up and unintentionally shoots and kills his younger sister.

That’s what I hear from hunters.

This is what I hear from Congress…and the NRA.

Hunters suffer terrible hearing loss because their guns are so loud. Despite ear plugs and ear muffs that are readily available, Congress and the NRA think hunters need more. So in January, the House passed the Hearing Protection Act of 2017 (H.R. 367), to cut through the red tape on owning firearm suppressors. The Hearing Protection Act (S.59) was also introduced in the Senate. Because even though the use of silencers endangers all of us including law enforcement, hunters must be protected!

Hunters also need to be able to kill baby bear cubs in Alaska’s wildlife refuges. Last week, the House of Representatives passed controversial legislation backed by the NRA to overturn a “Fair Chase Rule” (HJ Resolution 69) and allow the killing of mother bears, wolves, and their babies in Alaska wildlife refuges. The House vote now sends this Resolution to the Senate.

And while Congress is busy protecting hunters, you know what I don’t hear? I don’t hear any action to protect our children from gun violence. In fact, I hear and see the contrary.

Congress passed and the President just signed into law, the resolution allowing the severely mentally ill to purchase guns.

Congress and the President are working to make National Reciprocity the law of the land, undermining the strong and effective gun safety laws of states like California.

Congress and the President have pledged to overturn the Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990. Legislation in the House (HR 34) is being called the “Safe Students Act.” It’s hard not to see the irony in that legislative identifier.


Sign your name to tell the Senate to vote NO on H.J. Res. 69 and prevent the killing of innocent baby bears in wildlife refuges

Call your Senators today and tell them to vote

  • NO on H.J. Res. 69 that would allow the killing of animals in wildlife refuges in Alaska.
  • NO on the “Safe Students Act”.
  • NO on National Reciprocity.

Call Your Senators Today

Need help with what to say to your Senator?
Hi, My name is XXX. I live in your state and am a supporter of gun laws that keep my family and community safe! Please, make our children a priority!

  • Please vote NO on H.J. Resolution 69. Do not allow the killing of baby animals and their mothers.
  • Please vote NO on the Safe Students Act. Guns in schools do not make our children safer.
  • Please vote NO on National Reciprocity.

After you’ve made your calls, please share this with your family and friends!

About the Author

Margot Bennett
Margot BennettExecutive Director,
Women Against Gun Violence