Call Your Senators Today And Tell Them National Reciprocity Endangers Us All!

Fresh out of college I worked in the advertising department of an insurance company. We designed brochures and other marketing materials used by sales staff when meeting with potential and current customers. I still remember vividly working on a brochure about disability compensation. We all laughed hard and nervously, with tears streaming down our faces, as we tried to write compelling and sensitive prose that discussed how much each body part was worth.

Perhaps I’m naive but it’s only recently that I’ve come to realize that actuaries and insurance companies aren’t the only ones assigning value to our lives.

Our legislators place a value on all our lives with each and every vote they take.

There’s a very interesting infographic by The Washington Post I’d like you to take a look at. It tells you how much money has been donated by the National Rifle Association to members of Congress in your state.

For example, Representative Ed Royce (CA-District 39) has received over $38,000 in campaign contributions from the NRA; Representative Dana Rohrabacher (CA-District 48) has received over $32,000; Representative Darrell Issa (CA-District 49) has received almost $30,000. And this is just the tip of the iceberg! In California and across the United States, Congressional Representatives are receiving thousands of dollars from the NRA.

With every vote these Congressional Representatives take — to lessen background checks on gun purchases; to allow guns in schools; to allow the mentally ill to purchase guns; to weaken state laws that are strong and effective in protecting our safety — they have placed a value on our lives.

National Reciprocity

In anticipation of National Reciprocity, states across the nation are considering repealing requirements to carry. Gone will be permitting and training and checks that might keep guns out of the hands of felons! States where the value of your life is little will be able to determine the value of your life where you live… even if you live in a state with strong and effective gun laws!


First, find out how much money has been donated by the NRA to members of Congress in your state.

Then, contact your Senators and tell them your life and the life of your family and community is priceless! Tell your Senators to Vote NO on National Reciprocity.

We know that we’ve asked you to make these calls before. But we need you to make them again and again!

Call Your Senators Today

Need help with what to say to your Senator?
Hi, My name is XXX. I live in your state and am a supporter of gun laws that keep my family and community safe! Please,

  • My family’s life is worth more than the $XXX you received from the NRA. Please vote NO on National Reciprocity!

If your senator did not receive campaign contributions,

Hi, My name is XXX. I live in your state and am a supporter of gun laws that keep my family and community safe! Please,

  • Vote NO on National Reciprocity!

After you’ve made your calls, please share this with your family and friends!

About the Author

Margot Bennett
Margot BennettExecutive Director,
Women Against Gun Violence