Los Angeles

Los Angeles City has banned the possession of high capacity magazines in the City of Los Angeles.  Since the ordinance was signed into law in August 2015, the Council has voted to allow exemptions for retired police officers and reserve officers.

Los Angeles City has signed into law an ordinance requiring Safe Gun Storage.   At home, a gun must be locked up or within the control of the owner.


California’s groundbreaking Gun Violence Restraining Order goes into effect January 1, 2016.  In many shootings, family members and intimate partners of the shooters see their loved ones engaging in dangerous behaviors and grow concerned about their risk of harming themselves or others — even before any violence occurs.  The Gun Violence Restraining Order offers family members and intimate partners a tool for temporarily disarming a loved one who is in crisis and will allow immediate family members and law enforcement officers to petition courts to prohibit an individual from purchasing or possessing firearms or ammunition and require the removal of firearms or ammunition already in the individual’s possession 


Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom has introduced an initiative Safety For All, a package of common sense gun safety reforms requiring instant background checks on ammunition purchases, strengthening background checks for gun purchases, prohibiting possession of large detachable military-style magazines, and requiring the immediate surrender of firearms for people convicted of serious and violent crimes.  The initiative will appear on the 2016 California ballot.  For more information on Safety For All, click here.