SB 299 (Requires gun owners to report lost or stolen guns.)  VETOED BY THE GOVERNOR

AB 231 (Makes unsafe storage of a firearm where it is accessible to a child a misdemeanor.)  SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR

AB 48 (Includes: Making it a crime to purchase a large capacity ammunition magazine; requiring ammunition sales be reported to Dept of Justice; notifying law enforcement when someone buys 3,000 rounds of ammunition within 5 day period.) SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR

SB 374  (Simplifies California’s assault weapons law by prohibiting future sale of semi-automatic rifles with exchangeable ammunition magazines that enable rapid reload.)  VETOED BY THE GOVERNOR
SB 567 (Bans rifled bore shotguns with high capacity revolving ammunition cylinders.)  VETOED BY THE GOVERNOR

SB 683 (Expands the Handgun Safety Certificate Program to include all firearms.)  SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR

SB 755   (Expands the list of misdemeanor categories that carry a ten-year prohibition from firearm purchase or possession, including two DUI offenses within a 3-year period.)  VETOED BY THE GOVERNOR