The gun industry is selling guns to fewer people. And although there are more guns in the United States than ever before, they are in fewer hands and households. The gun industry needs to expand its market! What market are they going after?

Your, your children’s, your grandchildren’s COLLEGE CAMPUS!

In 2013, at least 19 states introduced legislation to allow concealed carry of guns on college campuses and in 2014, at least 14 states introduced similar legislation. Utah’s laws actually say that because public colleges and universities are public entities, they CANNOT ban concealed carry of guns…even if administrators and students believe that they are a danger to campus learning and living.

And new legislation is not the only method used to undermine campus safety. Recent court findings have overturned longstanding bans on concealed carry on university and state college campuses. In Colorado, the Supreme Court ruled that the University of Colorado’s policy banning guns from campus violated the state’s concealed carry law and in 2011 the Oregon Court of Appeals said that the Oregon University System could no longer ban concealed carry of guns on campuses if the gun owner had a concealed carry permit.

In the most cynical move of all, the gun industry is targeting female students in an attempt to sell guns as a preventive measure against campus rape. This gross misunderstanding (real or deliberate) of the campus rape epidemic flies in the face of facts:

  • The rapist is rarely someone jumping from the bushes.
  • Most campus assaults involve incapacitation, usually involving alcohol, rather than brute force.
  • Most involve friends and acquaintances and partners and exes. Approximately 2/3 of rapes are committed by someone known to the victim.
  • In states where guns are allowed on campus – Utah and Colorado specifically – incidents of forcible rape have increased and at a rate higher than the national average.
Andrea Pino, One of the subjects in "The Hunting Ground." fought over to report a sexual assault on campus perpetrated by someone whose name she did not know. Photo: RADiUS-TWC

Andrea Pino, One of the subjects in “The Hunting Ground.” fought over to report a sexual assault on campus perpetrated by someone whose name she did not know. Photo: RADiUS-TWC

Oscar-nominated directors Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering, whose latest documentary ‘The Hunting Ground‘ tackles the subject of campus rape, said the idea that firearms on campus could stop sexual assaults is “ridiculous.”

Said filmmaker Kirby Dick,“…the people who are suggesting that just don’t understand the issue. First of all, most of these assaults take place when they’re incapacitated. There’s no way they could use a gun. But even if they’re not completely incapacitated, they’re often drunk or have drank a lot. When you introduce a gun into that situation it becomes extremely dangerous. And the people being assaulted are often being assaulted by friends or acquaintances. It’s very unlikely someone is going to pull a gun in this situation. The end result will not address the problem, but it will result in substantially more injuries and death.” And, added Amy Ziering, “If serial predators are canny, they can use a gun against the people they’re assaulting. It’s ridiculous.Read the full interview »

Erika was a 21-year-old college student when she was raped by a man she knew. She had a gun in her purse. Raised by law enforcement parents, she was trained to use it, but she didn’t. Read Erika’s story »

Before you send your child off to college, see how your state stacks up by checking the National Conference of State Legislatures’ overview of guns on campus, Armed Campuses and The Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus.