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Talk with your kids about guns

Ask family, friends, and neighbors if their guns are locked up

Lock your guns up safely and securely

Keep our children and communities safe

The TALK Project puts life-saving information in the hands of over 500,000 Southern California elementary school families—printed materials available in Spanish and English that help parents and caregivers talk with their children about guns and, importantly, help parents and caregivers talk with their friends, neighbors, and family about guns and safe gun storage. Free gun locks are also distributed upon request.

Programs like this work! The evidence is clear and substantial: public education campaigns, such as those for seat belt use and anti-smoking, resulted in significant behavioral change. We believe that The Talk Project will produce the same life-saving results!

The TALK Project is endorsed by Senator Dianne Feinstein; LA Chief of Police Beck; LA City Councilmembers Krekorian and Koretz; LA City Attorney Feuer; Burbank Chief of Police LaChasse; Dr. Walsh, Director of Public Health for the City of Pasadena; John Torres, former Deputy Assistant Director for the ATF; and Jack Scott, educator and former California legislator.

Please contact us at if you would like to have one of our speakers come to your school, church, temple or community group. Our Speaker’s Bureau is a community service we provide for free, but we appreciate your donations to keep our program going.

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American Academy of Pediatrics Findings

A new study by the American Academy of Pediatrics finds that providing free gun safety devices seems to be the most effective intervention in preventing child injuries and deaths due to unsecured gun in the home.

The authors called firearm injuries “a pediatric public health crisis.” Their findings are presented below.

Injuries and death

  • 4,500 children under 21 died from firearm violence in 2015.
  • 20,000 children present to EDs for firearm-related injuries annually.
  • 90% of those ED visits are by children ages 12-19.
  • Firearm injuries are more likely to be accidental for younger children and intentional among older children.
  • Among adolescents ages 15-19, homicide by firearms is the second leading cause of death and suicide by firearms is the third leading cause.


  • Roughly 18% to 64% of homes have firearms, varying by location.
  • 39% of parents erroneously believe their children do not know where their gun is stored, and 22% wrongly believe their child never handled their gun.
  • In 2011, about 5% of high school students recently carried a gun.
  • 65% of high school seniors had a gun in their household.

Unfortunately, we found also that parents may have a false sense of security as to whether their children access their firearms,” Dr. Parikh said.

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Lock Up Your Guns

Women Against Gun Violence is pleased to release its own PSA on safe gun storage. Watch it in English (above), Spanish or Korean. And look for it on your local television station!

Safe Storage Saves Lives

One of the arguments we often hear about keeping guns unloaded and safely stored is that an unloaded gun is useless. In this video, a professional firearm trainer demonstrates how you can get a gun out of your safe and load it within 6 seconds. Locking and safely storing your guns not only protects children from accidental shootings, but can also prevent teen suicides, school shootings (40% of teens involved in school shootings get guns from home) and theft of guns by criminals.

TALK in the news


On November 7th, 2014 Los Angeles city officials declared TALK Day L.A. in honor of our TALK Project. Councilman Paul Krekorian introduced an ordinance that would require all gun owners to LOCK THEIR GUNS when not in use.
Watch the CBS Los Angeles reportRead the Los Angeles Daily News story

It Shouldn’t Be This Easy

Women Against Gun Violence was honored to be awarded as the recipients of a new PSA entitled “It Shouldn’t Be This Easy,” which highlights the danger of children and teens having access to guns in the home. The PSA is produced by the Righteous Conversations Project, which brings Holocaust survivors and teens together to share their stories and work together on social justice issues in their communities. The teens are taught that the greatest evil is to be a bystander who takes no action to stop injustice.