Killed by gun on December 10, 1998, at age 81

My beautiful, loving, mother was 5’2′, took care of herself, and enjoyed great health. At 81 years old, she owned and maintained her home. As charity chairperson for her Bridge Club, she raised several thousands dollars to donate to charities. She was an active member of the church. She did all this and bore the pain of a crippled leg, never complaining. When called upon, she was there to help and support her family. Mom was a single parent and worked hard to support two children. She taught us to respect others’ rights, their property, and the value of an education.

Early in 1998 I recorded music on a cassette tape for my mother’s listening enjoyment. At the end of the tape, I recorded a message telling her that she is truly ‘The Wind Beneath My Wings’. Butch, Mom, and I celebrated her 81st birthday on November 30. In place of a card on her gift, I told her how much I loved her, and how I appreciated everything she has done for me. Her love, support, and guidance are more than I could ever repay. A week later I thanked God for this opportunity.

On December 7, the cowardly use of a gun started my Mother’s journey home much too early. The life support was removed on December 10th and Mom, with her crippled leg, ran home. Now, Mom is my guardian angel. Almost 200 people attended Mom’s memorial service. Many of her friends commented, ‘Your mom was a true lady; she was kind, caring, loving, and giving.’ I am so proud to be her daughter and strive to be just like her. She was a great example!

Ending the life of a law abiding, innocent person waiting for a signal to change is devastating to family members. As a mother myself, my heart goes out to the mother of the person who committed this crime.

A million thank yous for the perseverance of Detective Dan McElderly and the Sheriffs Department.

By Mary Ann Young, Mary Ann’s Daughter