Killed by gun May 16, 1998, at age 23

My beloved son, Joseph, was my baby boy and was loved dearly by his family. He had high aspirations for life. He spoke of having a good wife and children. Sadly, all this along with his precious life was robbed from my son by a person or persons cruelly deciding otherwise for him, having no respect for precious life, they snuffed his! Not even knowing him – what cowards!

However, my Joseph, in his short time, lived a good life here on earth. Each day he spent with his family, we experienced his loving kindness, caring and supportive in every way a good, humble son could be, generous and forgiving. My beloved son, Joseph, 23-years of age, had all the qualities Jehovah God gave all humans, and he exercised them. We miss my Joe and his beautiful smile. But I have hope in the resurrection. Yes my son will live, yes, live again in better conditions, in a peaceful system forever.

Thanks, Women Against Gun Violence. Your efforts are much appreciated!

By Martha Copas, Mother