Killed by gun June 3, 1998, at age 18

Randy II lived only to the age of 18. Born in Germany with Cerebral Palsy, also left deaf during infancy, he’d stop at nothing to learn and play along with others. Raised in LA, he was loved and well known in his community by many merchants and people of all ages. Randy II always found ways to communicate with others, through gestures and sign language; his heart displayed a radiant love, kindness and compassion toward everyone. He always brought home stray animals then tried to find them homes. Randy II enjoyed making people happy, he loved computers and communicating through his T.D.D. He dreamed of raising a family and being successful in life. He also enrolled himself in college and was subject to start on June 4, 1998.

On June 3, 1998, Randy II’s dreams were shattered as he was brutally gunned down while walking to a friend’s house, only two blocks from his own home. Randy II will always be loved and missed, for he continues to live, but only in our hearts and now in our dreams.

By Pat Cisneros