Killed by gun December 8, 1997, at age 7

50 pounds, 50 inches, seven-years old. Full of hope and aspirations. Full of spunk. He possessed an “I’m going to do my best” attitude which translated into excellent schoolwork and sportsmanship. He could entertain a toddler or have an intelligent conversation with a senior citizen, freely expressing his point of view on many subjects. Evan was an exceptional, straight “A” student, reading books before entering Kindergarten, winning numerous awards, including “Student of the Month”, twice placing 3rd in the Annual Science Fair, and 1st grade representative for the Manhattan Beach Spelling Bee. In his honor, Frank D. Parent School named its library the Evan Leigh Foster Library. Evan played soccer, basketball, and baseball, earning a “Good Sportsmanship” medal in soccer. He also played the piano for four years. He was most proud of becoming a big brother, or maybe, he was most proud of his baby brother! Children are our examples for entering into heaven. To love God and be exhilarated about the life we’ve both been given, to honor and love one another, to seek to give our best each day and express God’s gifts in us are great examples to follow.

Thank you, Evan.

By Rhonda and Ruett Foster, Parents