Killed by gun November 20, 1999, at age 28

Henry was born on May 29, 1971 to his proud parents Henry and Dolores Garcia, in the city of Los Angeles. He was the eldest of three brothers, himself, Victor, and Ruben. He was the father of two beautiful children, Desiree and Angel Garcia, and husband to Natalie Garcia.

When he was 28, someone that had no regard for life murdered him, leaving his legacy in an uproar. His life was cut short, leaving his parents without a son, brothers without a brother, children without a father, wife without a husband. Whoever committed this crime never took into consideration that taking one life would affect so many with his absence. That one bullet took one life, but that pain and suffering to his family united in love has become a force much stronger than the evil that was committed against him.
Love conquers all evil.

By Dolores Garcia, Mother