Killed by gun June 9, 2001 at age 19

Who Christopher was and the promise of his life is best captured in moments before his precious young life was stolen from all of us. It was a beautiful Saturday in June, when Christopher climbed the stairs to his grandmother Nadine’s beauty salon. Characteristic of Christopher, the visit was unexpected yet endearing. He just dropped by to show his grandmother a car he wanted to buy, giving her a big hug and kiss and with a “thumb up” to life, he left saying “I love you Grandmommy”. You could not miss the magic of his smile, the pride of his stride, his “cool” demeanor and the joy of his laughter. In that moment, he was unconditional love only a child of God can know. This was his life and legacy. Born April 2, 1982, like the Spring blossom, he pushed through the obstacles life had planted in his way, only to bring beauty and joy to those who knew and loved him. He was inquisitive about life from an early age and taught himself all the planets in the solar system at age 5. He dreamed of becoming an actor and a stand up comic – life was his stage. Like the Spring blossom, he was taken away from us far too soon. But the memory of his spirit and the love he brought into our lives will last through eternity. Christopher is Tav (perfection).

Written by Nadine LeBlanc, Christopher’s Grandmother