Killed by gun October 5, 1998, at age 18

Arthur Negrete, Jr., was 18 years old. He was a victim of a drive-by shooting on October 5th, 1998, at 12 PM, five minutes away from home. He was the oldest sibling of two sisters. He had goals and dreams of becoming a U.S. Marine and had just received his high school diploma. Ever since “Artie” was a young,boy, he knew he was going to be a Marine. He wanted to be proud of his dignity as a man in a uniform to serve his country. And I, as a mother, could have hardly waited to see my son stand proud in a position he set forth to so much believe in.

He was a very mature 18 year old. He wanted a life. He was a gentle brother, proud to be the big brother whom his two younger sisters admired and looked up to and respected. He was our little man. We depended on his strength around our home. His smile; his laughter; the smell from his cologne; his warm, gentle conversation we miss so much. It’s indescribable. We keep his spirit alive by always talking about him and sharing our thoughts. I find my sincere therapy by reaching out and helping young men and ladies find positive directions for a peaceful frame of mind and to recognize life does incorporate positive action.

By Liza G. Negrete, Mother