Killed by gun Sept. 22, 1998, at ages 17

My daughter, Gloria Treval Clark, and my granddaughter, Stephanie Norris, were found in the trunk of my daughter’s car. Gloria Clark had been shot and burned up so badly that it was almost impossible to identify my daughter’s body. Stephanie Norris, my granddaughter, was shot, beaten and burned. She was also pregnant.

Gloria once drove for the Santa Monica, CA, bus district, a job my daughter loved. Gloria’s hobby was making other people happy, giving a helping hand wherever needed. Gloria was very neat, clean and very particular concerning her family’s appearances and hers.

Stephanie was Gloria’s oldest child, a child that was always concerned in doing her best and had just enrolled in nursing school while still completing her 12th grade. She was looking for a bright future. Gloria left three children behind, ages 11,13, and 15, that just can’t understand why their mother and oldest sister are gone. They both left behind a host of family members, friends, etc., and will always be remembered by so many.

By Catherine Jackson, Mother & Grandmother