Killed by gun February 29, 1998, at age 19

As a child, Juan was a good and obedient boy. Jaun was very friendly, a good son, and a brother. He was very dedicated to school.

As an adolescent, like so many other young people, he made mistakes due to bad company and bad influences. They were forgivable mistakes that were paid to the law and society.

Fortunately, as a young man those things were left behind and he began to see things differently. In a more positive attitude, he began to take interest in things like landscaping, reading, and writing poetry. He also began to find himself, his family, and school. He was at the point of receiving his high school diploma. Juan was never involved with gangs, and he respected other people’s ideas.

Unfortunately, at the young age of 19, all of those dreams were not fulfilled, and GOD took him to a better place.

By Maria Nuno, Mother