Killed by gun March 29, 2000 at age 37

My only son Sylvain was my life. I miss him more every day. We shared many things: love of cats, cooking, physical exercise, interesting conversations and music. Sylvain loved singing and he often entertained me, playing harmonica or doing impersonations in French, Italian or English. He had a good heart. He was also smart and talented. Everything he undertook had his signature. In drawing, painting, carving, construction work, his artistic sense was obvious. At 17, he made the plans for our house that he built with his father. City Hall accepted his plans immediately. He was proud and so were we. Sylvain’s loss has left me with a broken heart. I miss his beautiful smile, the sound of his voice, the way he said “Mom” and all his unique qualities that made him my son. Mon Fils adore, ton souvenir restera grave e jamais dans mon Coeur.

Written by Marthe Rocca, Sylvain’s mother