Killed by gun August 12, 1998, at age 26

Artletha E. Smyles was born and raised here in Los Angeles, CA. She was the only child born to Arthur and Patricia Smyles (who preceded her in death at the same age of 26). After the death of her birth mother, she was raised by her father with the help of her grandmother (Ms. Eunice Washington). She went through the educational system here in LA, graduating 12th grade from Lucinger High School.

Artletha became a beautiful, young, respectable, well-liked, determined person with a no-nonsense spirit. Her greatest aspiration was to become a licensed/certified court reporter, which after six years of schooling, she mastered her desire, graduating from court reporter school as one of the top in her class (April 1998). She was the mother of two sons (eight years and three years) and showed a devoted love and concern for her father also.

She is dearly missed by her sons and Dad, family and friends alike. She enjoyed going out with friends on Friday nights, dancing, music and always working on her computer everyday, or spending time with her sons and father.

By Arthur E. Smyles, Father