Killed by gun June 19, 2001 at age 40

This is in memory of my life partner, Dorothy Jean Stone, who died by her own hand on June 19, 2001. Dorothy was also known far and wide as “DJ” and “Pebbles”, but she was always Jean to me. Jean was born on January 7, 1961, making her 40 when she took her own life. Jean was an accomplished artist in many mediums, one of the best dancers I’ve ever had the privilege of watching on a dance floor, an animal lover and an activist, a lover and appreciator of all music and a very talented decorator. But above all, she was a kind, loving, gentle and highly evolved soul who battled life with an overwhelming hardship since birth. Jean bore the scars of her difficult life with a certain pride, having overcome a lot, but not all, of her pain with a hardheaded determination and a belief that people were inherently good. Unfortunately, in the end, her demons became too much for her to bear and she chose to end her life by gunshot. Jean had a tremendous impact on every aspect of me, in death as well as life. Although part of me died along with her, I have ultimately developed a spiritual understanding that eluded me before her death. I owe her so very much, and I will always love and cherish every moment I was fortunate enough to have with her.

Written by Elyse Goldman, Jean’s Life Partner