Killed by gun at age 18.

Jason Garland Sweet-Williams was born on June 26, 1986 to Bettye Garlinda Sweet and Billy Joe Williams.  Jason was raised solely by his mother.

Jason began his schooling at the Center for Early Learning in Los Angeles. He went to Wilshire Crest in kindergarten and completed his elementary schooling at Canfield and Crescent Heights. Because of his energetic nature, Jason went to three middle schools: Emerson, Orville Wright, and Webster. He went to Hamilton High School and was transferred to Jefferson where his mother and step-mother taught. During his senior year he went to Trade-Technical City College program where he earned enough credits to finish school one semester early. He graduated with the class at Jefferson High School with a 3.0 GPA.

Jason was living in the dorm and had just ended his second term at Brooks College in Long Beach where he had earned 5 A’s and 1 B. He was studying fashion design and business. Jason was not afraid of hard work. His first job was at 15 ½ through A Place Called Home at Warner Bros. He earned $500 for completing a bioplant program at Trade-Tech; he was entrusted as a caretaker for his godmother’s daughter, Robin; he worked with elementary school kids through a program at Holman United Methods Church; Hallmark Cards in the Ladera Center; and his last job was at Tilly’s in Huntington Beach.

During his early years, Jason was active in basketball with James Perry as his coach and mentor. He also enjoyed snowboarding, riding dirt bikes, surfing, and scuba-diving. He was always entrepreneurial and made money by selling masks that he designed and selling candy in middle school. Jason loved watching music videos and had high hopes of becoming a producer and PR person for his good friend, Chris Hutchinson and incorporating his urban designs in their videos.

Jason loved his mother and God. He demonstrated this love by being respectful to adults by being gentle and playful with children. Children adored him, as did everyone who knew him. He was christened at West Angeles by Bishop Blake and was baptized at the accountable age of twelve at Cerritos Assembly of god. Jason was a real charmer and as sweet as his last name.

Jason was murdered on December 17th, 2004. Jason leaves behind temporarily, his mother Bettye Sweet, his father Billy Joe Williams; step-mother, Gwen Williams, all of Los Angeles; step-father, Stuart Edgley from Sidney, Australia; a sister, Crystal Taylor, four nephews, two great-nephews from San Diego; aunts Bonnie Jones, Cerritos Rev. Muriel Sweet, Atlanta, Georgia, and Sandra Sweet; uncles Rev. Kelly Sweet from San Diego and Rev. Curtis Sweet of Phoenix, Arizona; girlfriend Anastacia White and parents; godfather, George Bowden of Encino, California; godmother Tami Waters and family; Lillie Jackson-Smarr and family; four best friends, Chris Hutchinson, Brandon Revoner, Omar Thompson, and DeSean Celeman, all from L.A., and a host of cousins and friends.