Killed by gun June 9, 2001 at age 20

Anthony was born on December 20, 1980 in the city of Los Angeles, where he spent his years growing up. Anthony graduated from Hamilton High School and was a Sales Associate for Macy’s Department Stores. His hobbies included mostly basketball and fashion and his favorite team was the LA Lakers. He was an outgoing and intelligent young man on his pathway to pursuing his goal of going to college, but that chance was taken from him before he could begin to find his place in life. Anthony played football for Cheviot Hills Park and enjoyed any outgoing sport activity. He was a well-known young man within his community and was loved by everyone he crossed paths with. In 1994, Anthony was on the front page of the Los Angeles Times for “Lessons in Diversity”, as he sat in his classroom discussing the subject. Anthony was truly a unique individual who will always be loved and never be forgotten.

Written by Terry Miller-Joiner, Anthony’s mother