Killed by gun July 17, 1999, at age 2

Victoria was born on July 22, 1996 at Cedar Sinai Hospital. She was a very special little girl, very bright and happy. I called her ‘Mama’ because she would tell my other three children, all boys, what to do. She loved to dress up and model for her dad and I. Victoria was in church every Sunday. She would play the tambourine and sing, “Jesus is on the main line; tell him what you want.” She would greet everyone with a hug.

She loved school even though she never started. She rode in the car with me every morning to take her big brother Jerome to school, and she would take her coat off as if she was staying at school. I miss her and love her; no words can express it. She was loved by many and touched a great number of other lives, at the age of two. We love her.

By Vickie Johnson, Mother