Rabbis Against Gun Violence Passover Seder Supplement 2016/5776

We hope people will use these heartfelt readings at their seder table and be inspired to join with us in raising awareness and advocating for common sense solutions to help reduce the scourge of gun violence plaguing our country.
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Los Angeles City Council Members

Council Member Gil Cedillo,
District 1
213-473-7001 or email

Council Member Paul Krekorian,
District 2
213-473-7002 or email

Council Member Bob Blumenfield,
District 3
213-473-7003 or email

Council Member David Ryu,
District 4
213-473-7004 or email

Council Member Paul Koretz,
District 5
213-473-7005 or email

Council Member Nury Martinez,
District 6
213-473-7006 or email

Council Member Felipe Fuentes,
District 7
213-473-7007 or email

Council Member Marqueece Harris-Dawson, District 8
213-473-7008 or email his legislative deputy

Council Member Curren Price, Jr.,
District 9
213-473-7009 or email

Council President Herb Wesson, Jr.,
District 10
213-473-7010 or email

Council Member Mike Bonin,
District 11
213-473-7011 or email

Council Member Mitch Englander,
District 12
213-473-7012 or email his chief legislative deputy

Council Member Mitch O’Farrell,
District 13
213-473-7013 or email

Council Member Jose Huizar,
District 14
213-473-7014 or email his legislative deputy

Council Member Joe Buscaino,
District 15
213-473-7015 or email

Gun Violence Prevention Report

The Gun Violence Prevention Report is produced by States United To Prevent Gun Violence, a coalition of organizations including Women Against Gun Violence. The GVP Report is distributed via email and is also available here on our website.

Read, download, or print the current issue: The GVP Report

Archived Issues


To order brochures, email publications@wagv.org

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